Hi! Nice to meet you! I am Chia-Hsuan (Michael) Lee (李佳軒), currently a second year PhD student at University of Washington, where I work in the Natural Language Processing Group with Prof. Mari Ostendorf.

My research interests are deep learning/machine learning and their applications in natural language processing. My recent research interests are open-domain question answering, dialogue systems and text-to-SQL parsing. Broadly speaking, I am interested in language understanding and interpretability of deep learning models.

Previously I spent great years at National Taiwan University working with Prof. Lin-Shan Lee and Prof. Hung-Yi Lee on question answering.

This is my updated CV: (pdf)


  • 05/2021: Will be an AI Research intern at Machine Translation Team, Google this summer with Melvin Johnson
  • 05/2021: Our paper “KaggleDBQA: Realistic Evaluation of Text-to-SQL Parsers” is accpted to ACL2021 main conference
  • 09/2020: Finished my NLP research internship at Microsoft Research NLP group with Matthew Richardson and Alex Polozov
  • 08/2019: Finished my NLP internship at Apple with Jerome R. Bellegarda
  • 06/2019: My work “Machine Comprehension of Spoken Content: TOEFL Listening Test and Spoken SQuAD” is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing